Infinity® Firearms - Interlocking Trigger System®

(Patent and Trademark pending)

Prior to handling any firearm, be sure that the magazine has been removed and the firearm is unloaded!

The ITS® is designed to provide you with the flexibility to change the trigger profile "to fit you," without having to disassemble the firearm.

If you look closely you will see the ITS® trigger is a two-part assembly, an insert base that is attached to the trigger bow and the insert, held in place by the over travel adjustment setscrew and three interlocking tangs. If you desire to change the trigger insert to a different style, be it long, short, flat or curved, or the universal insert--you must first REMOVE THE MAGAZINE RELEASE prior to turning the setscrew clockwise approximately three or four complete rotations (with the allen wrench supplied) to release the insert.

Approximately five or six threads of the 4-40 setscrew will be visible on the magazine release side of the base. Do not attempt to unscrew the setscrew completely out of the base. After rotation of the setscrew simply slide the insert to the left or right until the interlocking tangs are released.

Three of the interchangable trigger bows with the inserts removed.

Use a gentle even pressure, making note that the insert is sliding evenly through the base. Install the insert of your choosing by aligning the three locking tangs and evenly sliding the new insert in place. Be sure that the new insert is centered horizontally in the base.

During manufacturing a removable threadlock adhesive is placed on the magazine release side of the over travel adjustment setscrew (while the magazine release is removed) to prohibit rotation due to vibration. If you choose to add additional removable adhesive, DO NOT ALLOW any adhesive to migrate to the insert side of the insert base.

Rotate the setscrew approximately three or four complete rotations counterclockwise and test the interlocking of the insert by gently attempting to slide it horizontally (left or right). Reinstall the magazine release assembly and tune the over travel adjustment to allow for approximately 0.015 inch travel (over travel) after the hammer falls.

7 of our various trigger insert shapes. We also offer a universal insert designed for our customers who wish to make their own custom shape.