How to Purchase a Pistol

We have several options for purchasing a pistol.

1. Find one you like on the Available Pistols page

2. Find a pistol you like the look of and want to have built. You can find designs in the following locations. Once you find one you like and want to replicate, provide the pic number or a link to the pic by emailing us at Email Us.

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3. If you don't see what you are looking for and want to build a unique pistol to your specifications, use our Gunbuilder application and you may select every option we have as standard, or use the comment box to specify just about anything you want. We have representatives available to assist you with every level of detail and option available. Please do not hesitate to call for assistance in building your dream pistol! 1-800-928-1911

Q: How do I create a Pistol design in the Gunbuilder application?
A: As every pistol we manufacture is a unique design each on requires its own Gunbuilder® design sheet. To create a design for the pistol of your dreams, follow the process below.
1. Use our Gunbuilder® system to create an account. Click here to create an account.

2. Log into Gunbuilder® and choose pistol type.

Single Stack - Complete Billet Traditional 1911 style single pistol : Typical capacity 6-10 rounds in the magazine depending on caliber.

Wide Body - Complete Billet High Capacity Double Stack 1911 : Typical capacity 10-29 rounds in the magazine depending on caliber.

Then choose pistol type/length:

* There are several pre-configured templates that address design or rule limitations (i.e., IDPA 5" pistols cannot have a Bull barrel). You can select one of these templates and then select the available options.

Officer : 3.75" barrel length.

Commander : 4.24" barrel length.

Tiki : 3.75" or 4.24" barrel length with a proprietary sighting system.

IMM Open: 5" barrel length, Proprietary Pistol Design.

Govt. : 5" barrel length.

Sight Tracker : 5" barrel length that utilizes fixed front sight the barrel.

5.4 Inch : 5.4" barrel length, Proprietary Pistol Design.

Six Inch : 6" barrel length, Proprietary Infinity ® +1in frame rail

3. Select desired options where applicable. (Click on underlined option name for more info/picture.)

4. Once you have completed and saved a design a Gunbuilder® number will be assigned to the design.

5. Go to Saved Designs when you are ready to submit your design to the Factory for a quote/delivery time estimate. Quotes are good for 90 days from the initial response.

Click "Describe" on the design number you wish to submit. Add any additional notes and then click "Submit Design to Factory"

Our goal is to respond within 24 hours. (If an email is not received within 24 hours we suggest checking your SPAM filter/Junk Folder or login back into Gunbuilder® and review messages added to your design.) The Factory will make any necessary recommendations and provide a quote. Quotes are good for 90 days from the initial response. A minimum deposit of $1000.00 is required to start the build process.
The $1000.00 deposit will be applied to the base cost of the pistol.
A 2nd payment for all custom work above base pistol is due prior to the manufacturing stage of the build process. This amount will be determined upon order confirmation.
Custom work includes but is not limited to additional top-ends, caliber conversions, custom engraving artwork, custom blast pattern artwork, additional parts fitted to pistol, etc. Initial deposits, and any additional deposits for custom work are non-refundable.
The remaining balance is due within 30 days of the completion of the pistol, prior to scheduling a shipment date.

Payment options are: Check, Money Order, and Visa/Mastercard. Discover and American Express are not accepted.

If you require any additional help through the Gunbuilder® design process or just need some help with selecting the proper options, please do not hesitate to call, 1-800-928-1911.